We protect you. Our SafePay solution is unique.

If you have an ERP system, local accounting system or a smaller on line accounting system we have the solution for you. We can protect you from losing money on payments to bank accounts that are going to fraudsters. If you have your accounts in smaller accounting packages you can use our system. If you need a bigger solution to be fully integrated with your ERP system we can help you.

Check invoice

Stop the the problems early. We detect false invoices with AI and we check the supplier too.

Do you know how to detect a false invoice? There are about 50 different areas you must detect in a one page invoice that can be fraud. Some you can not even see. And it is getting worse but you are not alone.
Facebook and Google lost $123 million in false invoices in 2019. Councils lose millions and companies are losing in general 5% of their expenses on frauduluent expenses.
Our solution removes your losses immediately!

Internal Fraud Check

We detect internal fraud and protect you

Fraud in companies is comprehensive and complex. Between 30-50% of all fraud is internal and made by employees. It is difficult to detect. Our system can detect fraudulent records and invoices with advanced AI with the absolutely latest technology that is patent pending. It is easy to connect your accounting system to us and and we can on a near real time basis detect fraud in your books. If it is big or small does not matter we can support you